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Infierno Exotic Car 245 MPH in 3 Seconds: New Super Elastic Metal Foam Construction Absorbs Impacts, Will Reduce Injuries in Auto Accidents

The automotive industry in Mexico is in constant growth. The use of national technology applied to the development of new materials represents an opportunity to get a place in the international market. 

For this, Mexican scientists have developed products derived of the combination of metals which are characterized for their porous qualities and its “super elastic” capacity which represents an innovation in the automobile creation, because they reduce the risks of injury in case of car accidents. 

The component used for the creation of the Infierno Exotic Car is denominated metal foam return to its original form as well as be "educated."  The foam will have applications in medical implants as well.

Credit: Investigación y Desarrollo

This material is made through a process which implies the transformation from liquid to solid state of a compound obtained by a previous combination of different metals such as copper, silver, and aluminum, creating a porous product. 

Doctor Said Robles Casolco, professor of the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM), mentioned that the products obtained from the alloy of these metals can be “educated”, in other words, they can be managed or manipulated according to the necessary applications, as well as they can be stretched 100 times more than their normal size, and go back to their original state.

Credit: Investigación y Desarrollo

The “super elastic” materials are an example of the geometric expression of nature, which can be replicated in technology. One of the objectives of this development is to make metal alloys with a porous capacity similar to bones, sea corals and some rocks, so the metal foam could absorb a strong impact and go back to its original state.

Furthermore, most of the components of the metal foam are low weight, because the vehicle most avoid a big effort at the moment of burning fuel, this to diminish the emission of pollutants such as oxide and carbon monoxide.

Regarding the Infierno Exotic Car, another of the characteristics that make it different and innovative is its speed, because it can reach the 395 kilometers (245 miles) per hour in three seconds, as well as the complex designs that integrate it, because these position it in an international market of the automotive industry in Mexico.

Doctor Said Robles Casolco
Credit: Investigación y Desarrollo

“The goal is to make designs different to those already known by the international audience. We try to prove that our technology is hand in hand with those of many other countries in the world”, stressed the investigator from the UAEM, who is part of the scientific team working on this project.

The Mexican enterprise that makes the car and the metal foam, which is already patented, is LTM HOT SPOT. Currently they are planning on designing and creating electric cars with the same characteristics as the metal foam. Nevertheless, the metallic material can also be adjusted to the new kind of car or range that is required by the industry.

Doctor Said Robles mentioned that the metal foam can also be applied in the medical area by combining it with hydroxyapatite ceramic, which can be used as an implant. The metal foam becomes biocompatible and can be designed for hips, for example, due to its low density and because it is a cheap material; besides it is thought that it can replace titanium and other heavy and corrosive materials. “This material can be part of the new generation of implants in Mexico, and it would be an excellent industry”, concluded the specialist.

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Investigación y Desarrollo

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