Friday, December 20, 2013

Lucid Dreams Sparked By New Device

Have you ever fallen asleep during a movie and dreamed that you were a part of the story? Have you ever realized that you were dreaming? The Aurora dream-enhancing headband plays special lights and sounds during REM to help you become aware that you are dreaming while you stay asleep - you can then take control of your dreams. When you're an active participant in your dreamland, anything becomes possible: zoom through space, fight fire-breathing dragons or become president, all from the comfort and safety of your own bed.

Co-founders Daniel Schoonover and Andrew Smiley of iWinks, LLC., announced this week the launch of the “Aurora”, their latest Wearable Tech product proven to induce “lucid dreaming” capabilities to its customers (More on Lucid Dreaming below). The Breakthrough product is only available for pre-order during a short window via Kickstarter until Jan 21.

“It’s like being in a video game [...] you're dreaming, but you are still conscious, literally living in your own fantasy world.” -Daniel Schoonover, Co-founder of iWinks & PhD candidate UC Irvine.

The entire development project, which has taken 3 years of around-the-clock engineering, is near completion and should be available for shipping inside of 6 months. While the team has already invested thousands of their own funds, they are really hoping the Science, Technology and Dreaming communities will rally around their cause--and they have in record numbers. promising to deliver the first shipments of product directly to those who supported their cause.

“We knew people would be excited, but we had no idea it would generate the kind of outpouring it has so far." -Jack Payne, Creative Lead, iWinks

The Aurora is still available for pre-order on Kickstarter right now and will be available through late January.

About “Lucid Dreaming”

Most of us have probably experienced Lucid Dreaming, but were not that not only did it have a name--but also has a whole field of study behind it. The concept of lucid dreaming is simple. Basically, when people realize they are dreaming, they are said to be in a lucid dreaming state. An example of this would be noticing something in a dream that is different from waking reality, like the hands on a clock spinning out of control or words on a page changing at random. Once people recognize that they are in a dream, they are able to make conscious decision about their surroundings and interact with all of the things, people and places they encounter, truly making it a real-life fantasy land.

Working Prototype
One of our prototypes in action

Lucid dreams are about more than just entertainment; they can also improve waking life. Research shows that those who lucid dream regularly experience fewer nightmares and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Visualizing activities during dreams actually improves performance of those activities in waking life. The Aurora can help you nail that upcoming presentation, hit the game-winning shot or ask your future spouse out on your first date! We spend one third of our lives asleep. Why not make the most of that time? People from all walks of life, such as Salvador Dali, Stephen King, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla looked to their dreams for inspiration.

Health Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

For those who think the Aurora is just a grown-up “toy”, think again--lucid dreaming has been shown to provide numerous health benefits, including reduced stress, improved memory and fewer instances of “nightmares”. Those who lucid dream regularly experience often wake up feeling much more refreshed, which drastically improves both mental and physical performance throughout the day.

How it Works

The Aurora works by giving people a reliable sign that they are dreaming. The headband detects when the user enters the REM stage of sleep. The headband flashes colored LEDs and the app plays sounds, both of which are fully customizable. 

Users can design their own personal audiovisual cue to use to help them recognize their dream state. After aware they are dreaming, users can then actually take control of their dreams leading to all sorts of dreamland adventures ; traveling through space, singing in front of a crowd or even winning battles against dastardly dragons.

The app will allow you to create and share your very own dream stimuli. You'll be able to coordinate a full spectrum of dazzling light effects from the Aurora with sounds from your music library or personal recordings; there will be endless ways to help direct the dream experience. Create daring dream signs with quick, loud flashes for an immediate lucidity alert, or try softer, less apparent tones to subtly modulate your dreamscape! Why not transport your dreams to the beach with seagull and wave sounds over a pulsating blue ocean, or curl up to a cozy fire with crackling wood and orange/red hues? The possibilities are truly limitless.

A Smarter Alarm Clock

The app knows exactly when to wake you up so you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. If you've ever had a full night of sleep but felt groggy and not refreshed in the morning, chances are your alarm clock woke you up during a deep phase of sleep!
You want to be woken up during a light sleep phase!
You want to be woken up during a light sleep phase!
Humans wake up naturally during light phases of sleep and the app will help you get the most out of your sleep: simply set a desired period for awakening and the intelligent alarm clock will gently wake you up during the lightest phase of sleep, leaving you feeling as refreshed as possible!
About iWinks

Founded in 2010 by Daniel Schoonover and Andrew Smiley, California-based iWinks, LLC., passion and expertise lies in researching and developing consumer technologies to improving sleep patterns, ultimately making for a happy healthy life. iWinks empowers individuals by granting access to mother nature's own Virtual Reality - the lucid dream.

See their Kickstarter page:

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