Sunday, July 7, 2013

Andreas Cellarius’s Harmonia Macrocosmica

Andreas Cellarius’s Harmonia Macrocosmica book of 1708 includes general maps of the constellations, this plate showing the southern skies. It also, unusually, includes a presentation of the redrawing of all the constellations as Christian saints and other images, as set out by Julius Schiller in his Coelum Stellatum Christianum of 1627.

A plate from Cellarius's Harmonia Macrocosmia. 
Credit: RAS Library

This book is held in the RAS Library. Many of the items in the Society's collection have been photographed to make them available to Fellows and the public. Some images, such as this one, are available online through the Science Photo Library. 

Flamsteed, Atlas Coelestis (1781)

Others are held as prints or transparencies in the Library. Find more information about the Library and its archives here.

Uranometria, Cassiopeia

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