Friday, March 29, 2013

Create Real Objects With Your Mind, Just By Thinking, A Child Can Do It

At Thinker Thing they are building a new type of process that requires no technical know how and that anyone can use, young or old . They are building a machine that can grow a model, using your mind.

3D Printing and the home manufacturing revolution will allow anyone to print out a real object from a 3d CAD model, there's just one major problem, who can design these 3D models? The software that these machines use is based on outdated concepts that take years to learn and master. How much of a revolution will it be if only specialists can create 3d objects. Do you want your child printing some 3D model created by a corporation or would you prefer them to be the creator of their own objects and not just another consumer. 

How is that even possible?
They create a DNA seed that defines the start point in an evolutionary chain for the object. Dinosaurs are very diverse, for example, but they can be traced back to a single common dna ancestor.We create this first DNA definition as the first building block from which all future objects evolve.The DNA of the object is then mutated over each generation, and how well that new mutations does, whether it lives or dies, is determined by the mind.
They detect the brain patterns of the user using an epoc neural headset and use that to to understand their emotional response to certain features in visual stimulus based on their evolution system. They can then determine the underlying DNA features that evoke responses and use that in a natural selection process to refine the next generation of objects.

In this way, over a short period, the user grows a model using their mind.

“Monster Dreamer” School Outreach Program.

The first of these machines, the “Monster Dreamer”, is a machine that will build fantastical creatures with your mind. Its construction has been fully funded by the Chilean government and development is on target, with several milestones already achieved.
On completion of the Monster Dreamer, the first people in the world to create objects with their mind will be children from the regional schools of Chile. Thinker Thing will be visiting over 8 regions of Chile, from the driest desert in the world to the end of the world in patagonia, inspiring and teaching complex scientific, art and engineering principles to very young children in remote rural regions via this engaging and fascinating project.


If you are a company and would like to sponsor the Monster Dreamer School Outreach Program or the Fantastical Mind Creatures of Chile Exhibition there are a number of options available which will associate your company with this incredible project. They are also actively seeking a Headline sponsor for the Fantastical Mind Creatures of Chile Exhibition that is not offered here. This is because as well as a contribution to the project they require a commitment to host the exhibition. If your company would be interested in this options please contact them directly on with the subject heading “Headline”.

At What Stage is the Project?
The project is on schedule and several important milestone have already been reached:

  • The first stage of the genetic system has been completed
  • A simple 3D object has been successfully grown with the mind using the genetic system and brain patterns from the neuroheadset.
  • They have an interpretive system working which interprets the bones structure created by the DNA into a recognizable form. Much in the same way a paleontologist determines the look of a dinosaur from its bones, their interpretive system generates a virtual skin around the abstracted bone system of their creature generated by the genetic system.
  • They have produced their first real 3d printed object arms from the interpretive system.
  • Mid April they will return to their test school in the Elqui valley to field refine their processes and their educational material.
  • End April they are on target to link all the systems together to produce a real 3d printed arm directly from the mind.
  • In May they expect to have the first prototype that can create a complete creature model using the mind.
  • At the start of June they will begin visiting the schools of Chile with their prototype.


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