Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keep the Lawn Green Longer with Less Water

In times of drought, our lawns tend to suffer. Our once green and lush patch of grass turns to brown and dried kindling. In times of water rationing, keeping the grass green can be a bit of a chore. However, with technology comes innovation. Using Hydretain on your lawn can keep it greener longer while using less water to do so. Hydretain not only works on grass, but it can be beneficial to agricultural needs as well. Crops would be able to retain the water promoting less waste and healthier plants. This product has great potential to help keep farmlands alive when the water is scarce. How is a product like Hydretain beneficial to everyone's needs?

1. Savings - Hydretain claims to be able to cut your water bill by up to 50%. This means that you can cut your watering times almost in half. For areas that are prone to droughts or water restrictions, this could mean you can keep the lawn green using less water. For the agricultural aspect, this could mean saving hundreds to even thousands of dollars per year in water costs.

2. Conservation - By using the water vapor that is already in the ground, Hydretain can keep the plants nourished longer. This means you don't use as much water to accomplish your goals. In turn, there is more water available for everyone else. This could be vital in some areas that are barren and dry.

3. Retail Plants - Hydretain pulls the water molecules out of the air and holds them in the soil. Retail nurseries that use this product can help prevent wilting during transport and keep the plants alive while they sit on the shelf. For the businesses that sell flowers and other plants, keeping them strong and healthy promotes better sales.

4. Food Production - The technology behind this water additive creates a healthier plant for harvest times. Research shows that the plants that were subjected to Hydretain grew a stronger root system and a healthier fruit production than those without it. This could assist in creating a larger harvest of fruits and vegetables increasing the yield of each plant. As farms have to work harder to meet the demands of buyers in today's world, an increased yield could benefit everyone.

5. Leisure Activities - Sporting landscapes are more attractive to spectators and players if the grass is green. As multitudes of gallons of water are used regularly to keep the fields and courses green, a method to reduce the water needed could be beneficial to the owners and the general public. In theory, this could help reduce the cost of water to everyone if a surplus begins to form from more people using this product.

Being able to keep crops alive in between watering is crucial to the lifestyle of the farmer and those who consume his or her products. Without a healthy crop, the farm could lose income and the masses lose a source of food. There are so many innovative technologies that are being developed in the 21st century to promote efficiency in life. Whether it is conservation of energy or water, human ingenuity is trying to keep the planet spinning using the tools we have been given. It is interesting to see what develops next.

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