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14 Inspiring Podcasts for Getting Out of Debt

Getting out of debt is often a journey that takes many months to complete, not just a few moments. Although books and guides are great for getting started, staying on track when getting out of debt requires constant motivation and encouragement, and podcasts are a great medium for just that. Whether you're listening to financial experts, families who have crawled out of the debt hole, or the latest financial news, these podcasts offer regular, interesting insight for those who are working to get out of debt. Subscribe to these 14 inspiring podcasts to find the tools and knowledge you need to get out of debt and stay there.
  1. The Dave Ramsey Show:

    Considered to be one of the most influential voices in debt management and personal finance, Dave Ramsey's show is a must-listen for anyone working their way out of debt. Listen in to learn about how to solve your real-life financial issues with budgeting, wealth building, and ultimately, financial peace.
  2. Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life:

    Listen to Money Girl's podcast to find tips for personal finance, real estate, and investing, all great information for getting out of debt and staying there. This podcast is perfect for all levels, discussing credit utilization, how to raise your credit score, and items that you can save money on.
  3. The Suze Orman Show:

    As one of the most recognized personal finance experts in the U.S., Suze Orman has a lot to say about getting out of debt. Sharing straight talk and down-to-earth advice, listen to Suze's podcast to find out what you are doing wrong financially and what you can do right.
  4. Wall Street Journal's Your Money Matters:

    From The Wall Street Journal, the Your Money Matters podcast is full of advice for personal finance. Check out these sessions to learn about getting out of credit card debt, working on budgeting, and even being able to afford college tuition and retirement.
  5. Rebound:

    Although podcasters Spencer and Lisa Ashby are no longer updating their podcast, it still remains as an incredibly inspirational resource for those seeking to find a way out of a crushing debt burden. Listen along to find out how this couple recovered from losing a business, losing their home, and going through a million dollar lawsuit.
  6. Consumerism Commentary:

    On the Consumerism Commentary podcast, you'll learn about issues that matter to consumers, especially getting out of debt. The hosts of this podcast help talk guests through money management, economic issues, and budgeting, plus great strategies for escaping debt.
  7. Man Vs. Debt:

    On the Man Vs. Debt podcast, Adam Baker shares his story of getting out of debt. Follow along as Baker discusses breaking free from the daily grind and finding control in your finances. Listen in for tips, success stories, and helpful interviews.
  8. Sermon Audio: Debt:

    For those seeking a Christian approach to debt relief, SermonAudio.com offers an up-to-date podcast feed of the latest sermons discussing debt. Check out this podcast to find out what the bible says about battling debt.
  9. The Debt Collection Drill:

    Recorded for debt collectors, this podcast is full of helpful information on your rights as a consumer when it comes to debt collection. Find out about harassing phone calls, recording, and when you're within your rights to sue a debt collector.
  10. JW's Financial Coaching :

    Create a new lifestyle of debt-free living with the help of the JW's Financial Coaching podcast. Listen in to find a new perspective on your money, finding out how guests broke free of their debt and how you can break through your own financial barriers.
  11. Big Dumb Stupid Debt:

    Listen to Emily Chase Smith's debt podcast to learn about dealing with big, dumb, stupid debt. Smith discusses debt negotiation, hope, bankruptcy, and repos with plenty of advice and humor.
  12. Attend College Debt Free:

    This series from 2011 is a great resource for learning how you can go to college without loads of student debt. Attend College Debt Free discusses grants, school choice, finishing school quickly, and finding scholarships for a smart way to graduate without going in to debt first.
  13. Total Debt Relief Blog:

    Odiogo's podcast offers a discussion of debt relief, especially credit card debt. Check out the Total Debt Relief podcast for negotiation skills, debt settlement, and myth-busting credit card debt rumors.
  14. Payplan Debt Advice:

    One of the UK's leading debt management companies, PayPlan shares excellent debt and credit advice to listeners. Listen in to PayPlan Debt Advice for information about mortgages, bankruptcy, debt management, and more.

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  4. For most of us, money is our master. We can’t live the life we want to, because the chains of debt and consumerism keep us tied down. The good news is that there’s a way out, and the above podcasts show you how.