Friday, June 29, 2012

Henry Scharfe And His Robotic Clone

Humanoid robots can walk down the street in ten years and live with humans without them being aware they are electronic in nature, said a professor at the University of Aalborg (Denmark), Henrik Scharfe last Friday in Lima, who has created a robot with the same appearance. 


ExpoTic During the inauguration of 2012, the first international exhibition and conference infrastructure and technological innovation that took place in Lima, Scharfe presented Geminoid-DK, a robot created in his image and likeness, capable of imitate your facial movements and conversations with your ideologue.

At a conference, Scharfe said his robotic clone, which currently sits and connected to a computer, you can walk down the street and interact with other people "in just a decade, if at that time advanced infrastructure is built, converging sources technological and took laboratory robots. " 

Contacts and sources:
Plantforma SINC


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