Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Different Ways People Cheat Online

Imagine what life would be like without the internet, especially if you’re a cheater. No seriously, think about it. Technology makes life so much easier for people who like to cheat that it’s actually created entire industries, like security software, etc., that aid in the cheating process. If you’re like us – and Al Gore – and can remember the days before the internet, you may recall a time when cheating didn’t seem so commonplace. In fact it was frowned upon, which is in staunch contrast to how commonplace, and even normal, it is today.
 Maybe that’s because there are just so many ways to cheat online. Take these ten ways, for instance:

  1. Homework Assignments – Right now a child can log on to their computer and find a dozen websites within 10 seconds where they can get someone else to do their homework or write their paper for a fee. We’re not talking about tutors, mind you; we’re talking about cheaters for hire.
  2. Drug Tests – There are also sites online where you can purchase some magic potion or another that will get your urine to pass a drug screening test. For those who would prefer not to entrust their careers to the amateur chemist, there is always someone who will sell their own urine sample to you, to use as you see fit.
  3. Dating Sites – Now, thanks to the World Wide Web, we have venues like this where professed cheaters can actually congregate and meet one another. Adulterers rejoice, you need no longer roam the streets aimlessly or cruise the singles bars in search of opportunities to cheat on your spouses.
  4. Chat Rooms – Of course there are always the more conventional venues for cheaters to visit for their trysts. Funny how even this method seems almost quaint and outdated by comparison. Nevertheless, it’s a popular choice for the unfaithful among us.
  5. Filing Taxes – Another popular form of cheating – tax fraud – can be conveniently accomplished online electronically. Of course cheaters will need to also electronically sign a statement asserting that they have provided truthful information, but a cheater can – and probably will – still cheat.
  6. Plagiarism – This popular form of cheating (more specifically, theft) has become quite common on the internet. Public access to such an abundance of content has led to frequent instances of copyright infringement. Speaking of which …
  7. File Sharing – Again, this type of cheating involves theft. Downloading content (audio, video, text, images, etc.) that is protected by copyright is just another way of cheating someone else out of their due compensation.
  8. Surfing at Work – When employees use company time and resources for personal use, that’s cheating. You are cheating your employer out of an honest day’s work when you’re cruising non-work related internet sites. And if you’re checking out prospects on that adultery dating service, then double damn you.
  9. Video Game Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs – Whether it’s the difficulty level of today’s video games or our growing impatience and need for instant gratification that is to blame, there is a whole cottage industry online for cheating – and as a leisure activity, for crying out loud.
  10. Prescription Drugs – You would have to have been living under a rock for the past twenty years not to have seen the ads. Prescription drugs available without a prescription for problems such as aiding men with erectile dysfunction. So basically men are cheating once to get the pills without a script, and then a second time by taking them.

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