Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Hilarious Comedians To Follow On Twitter

If you love comedy then you probably have some favorite funny men and women you routinely turn to for getting your laugh on. We have some faves of our own, and love to follow them on Twitter. These characters can be just as entertaining in their tweets as they are live or on film, plus we can keep up with what they’re up to. Here are 10 hilarious comedians to follow on Twitter: 

  1. Jimmy Fallon – @jimmyfallon  One of our favorite late night funnymen, he never disappoints with his tweets. Always timely, topical and funny. “A study found 94% of one-dollar bills carry germs. Or as Mitt Romney put it, ‘That’s why I only use fifties and hundies!’” #FallonMono

  1. Megan Amram – @meganamram Offbeat, off-the-cuff, and off the reservation funny. Don’t start your day without taking a peek at how this girl’s spending hers. “I wish the “three day rule” weren’t a thing, since I’d really like to call my lawyer from jail right now”, “I think one of my dad’s might be gay.”

  1. Conan O’Brien – @conanobrien  Another of our late night favorites, Conan keeps the jokes, the monologue material and the info coming every day. “Had to see a men’s doctor today. Why? Let’s just say, ‘Newt is no longer surging in the polls.’”

  1. Lauren Ashley Bishop – @sbellelauren  We get such a kick out of her rants and musings. She’s one of our daily ‘must-see tweeters’ with quips such as, “how about dance dance american revolution same game but if you miss a step you get shot with a musket.”

  1. Jen Kirkman – @JenKirkman Girl doesn’t pull any punches. When she’s on, she is really and truly dead on. “I’m glad Chris Brown is performing on the Grammy’s. There aren’t enough dudes, who get a free pass after beating a woman, entertaining us.

  1. Michael Ian Black – @michaelianblack Former co-star of the sitcom Michael and Michael Have Issues, and a very funny tweeter, Michael always keeps us smiling. “Ha ha guy with neck brace, your turtleneck sweater isn’t hiding anything. You deserve your injuries

  1. Stephen Colbert – @StephenAtHome Our man of The Colbert Report fame waxes witty on a daily basis. “Newt’s only hope for your vote is if you’ve been in a coma for 20 years. And if you have, he probably divorced you. Newt 2012! #preparethem

  1. Julieanne Smolinski – @BoobsRadley We’ve got a thing for smart humor, and so we’ve got a thing for @BoobsRadley. “I bet at Christmas when her mom was like, ‘So, ‘Tarzan’, was it? What is it you do exactly?’ Jane totally squeezed his hand under the table.”

  1. Joel McHale – @joelmcHale  Host of the E! Entertainment Television show The Soup. We love staying on top of where his mind is at. “It brings me inexplicable sadness when I hear older news anchors enthusiastically declare about a kicker story ‘This has really gone viral!’”

  1. George Wallace – @MrGeorgeWallace One of the funniest old school funny men still tickling our funny bones. You don’t want to miss the man! “How in the hell are there 23,000 First Baptist Churches? Let’s break out the construction records and settle this damned thing.”

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