Monday, July 11, 2011

12 Step Program for Quitting FaceBook"

Yes, it is long overdue, but finally it has been created – a 12 step program for those addicted to FaceBook. FAA (FaceBook Addicts Anonymous) groups are being formed worldwide to defeat this growing addiction. Many FaceBook addicts have been ridiculed as being weak and selfish by those around them. However, more and more people are beginning to recognize this addiction for the true disease that it is, and that it cannot be overcome by simple willpower alone. Below you will find the Twelve Steps to Freedom that are being utilized by FaceBook addicts to break the hold of this menace in their lives.
Step 1: Acknowledge you have a problem. This, of course, is the first and most critical step. The individual must recognize and admit that FaceBook is no longer simply a place for casual social connection to them; it is an addition that has taken control of their lives.
Step 2: Recognize your need of a Higher Power. Once you recognize and admit the addicting hold that FaceBook has on your life, you will soon realize that you are unable to quit on your own. You must have help from someone, something, greater than yourself; someone…who does not live in the FaceBook world. Only you can determine who that Higher Power is. It may be your spouse, your parents or your roommate, but it will be a real live person whom you can touch.
Step 3: Surrender your password to your Higher Power. Step three is a crucial step. You must surrender your FaceBook password to your Higher Power. You must allow them monitor all your activities and change your privacy settings.
Step 4: Do a thorough and fearless inventory of your friends list. For this fourth step, you must go through each and every face on your friends list. You must acknowledge to your Higher Power whether or not you truly know each person, and in what way.
Step 5: Delete all those friends you do not truly know. Now that you’ve created that list of unknown friends, you must make the big step of deleting them from your friends list. It will be difficult. There will be a grieving process involved, but it must be done.
Step 6: Remove the FaceBook app from your cellphone. You’ve come a long way, by this point. Step six will be a turning point in your recovery. You will purposefully and intentionally remove the FaceBook app from your cellphone. You will no longer receive FaceBook status reports on your phone. You will no longer post your immediate thoughts from any and every location. You will confine your FaceBook use to your computer.
Step 7: Do a second inventory of your friends list. You narrowed it down once. In this step, you are going to make a clean sweep. You will determine which of the people on this list is actually related to you and, which are not. Third cousins, twice removed is the very farthest limit accepted in true blood relations.
Step 8: Delete everyone except family. By this time, you are beginning to get stronger. Gather support if you need it, though, this is going to take some time. Delete ALL your FaceBook friends except those you have listed on your family list.
Step 9: Begin using email again. In this step, you will begin putting your new life into place. You will begin using your email account once again to communicate with friends and family. You will re-learn how to attach photo files to emails in order to share them with others. It would be easy to turn back to FaceBook at this point. It may seem like it would be the easy solution, but it ISN’T. You know that.
Step 10: Post your final goodbye on your status. Now that you’ve re-established your new life, it is time to make an official public statement regarding your freedom from this addiction. Post your final farewell in your status.
Step 11: Delete your account. This step must IMMEDIATELY follow Step 10. You must quickly delete your FaceBook account before reading any replies to status update. Other FaceBook addicts will try to dissuade you. They will tell you that having an account won’t hurt you. You must NOT listen to them. They are as in need of help as you were when you began this program.
Step 12: Join a social network for recovering FaceBook addicts. Now that you have reached the last and final step of your program, it is finally time to rejoin the world of the living. You will find it online. A new FAA social network had been created, that will support you in your ongoing recovery. Begin to live again!

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Story by Elena Frederick


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