Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Personality Types to Avoid and How to Spot Them

When you’re looking for that special someone, you’re bound to meet some not-so-special ones along the way. Naturally, it would be best to avoid them altogether if possible, but how? Is there some way to pick out the Mr. Wrongs in your search for Mr. Right?

Sometimes. If we’re paying attention and looking for the correct signs, we can sometimes sort the gems from the costume jewelry. Let’s look at 10 personality types you want to avoid, and how you can spot them.
  1. Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) – Signs of this type of disorder include a tendency to manipulate and exploit others, often disregarding – even violating – their rights. While he can  be charming and flattering outwardly, he is prone to anger, substance abuse, lying, breaking the law.
  2. Avoidant Personality – This person is shy, insecure, and feels inadequate. She will generally not do well in social settings, or at least feel that she is unable to do so. Does not handle rejection or criticism well.
  3. Borderline  Personality – A personality disorder that exhibits wide mood swings and unstable relationships. There are extremes in views or perspectives. Everything is great or everything’s terrible. Fear of abandonment, unwarranted displays of anger and occasionally self-injury can be seen.
  4. Dependent Personality – The dependent personality is extremely reliant upon maintaining relationships, and fears being alone or abandoned. Tends to be passive in her relationships, avoiding responsibility or decision-making. Difficulty expressing a contrary viewpoint.
  5. Histrionic Personality – As the name implies, a histrionic personality type will behave in dramatic and emotional fashion in order to gain attention. An obsession with his appearance and a need to be the focus of attention. He has a need for constant reassurances and approval.
  6. Narcissistic Personality – The narcissist has an inflated sense of self-worth and will take advantage of others in pursuit of her selfish aims. She will exaggerate her qualities and accomplishments as she is in need of constant attention. Will disregard the feelings of others.
  7. Obsessive-Compulsive Personality – This personality has a preoccupation with control and order. He feels a need to have each aspect of his life kept within a clearly-defined outline. Inflexibility and an inability to let go of things. Can be emotionally withdrawn, unable to show affection.
  8. Paranoid Personality – Detached, suspicious and distrusting. The paranoid personality suspects others of being driven by hidden agendas. She can be hostile and her suspicious nature makes it difficult if not impossible for her to work with others.
  9. Schizoid Personality – This type will rarely if ever be encountered when dating, as he is characterized by a lack of interest in any social relationships, particularly of an intimate nature. A loner and secretive by nature, he is cold and aloof.
  10. Schizotypal Personality – Another personality type unlikely to be part of a social environment. The schizotypal is extremely uncomfortable in such situations, suffering from a preoccupation with odd thoughts and behavior that prohibit him from developing close relationships.

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Story by Mary Edwards


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