Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Thriving Careers Your Children Should Consider

Our future is in a constant state of change, and as such, so are the careers of the future. New technologies, developments, and trends have a huge impact on the careers that will be thriving now and in the future. Here, we’ll take a look at 30 careers that are great now, and for the next generation.

  1. Delivery Service Driver: This job doesn’t sound like the most glamorous career, but delivery service drivers are predicted to continue to be in high demand. Drivers for carriers like UPS, FedEx and USPS should enjoy excellent job security as online shopping and delivery increases in use.
  2. Epidemiologist: As more and more outbreaks occur in the world, epidemiologists are needed now more than ever. These experts are often called in to explain how outbreaks can spread, and how they can be contained. You don’t even need an MD to become and epidemiologist.
  3. Tissue Engineer: Researchers have been able to create man-made skin, and are working on artificial cartilage, and growing new tissues can’t be far behind. Tissue engineers can expect to work on growing new organ tissue, including livers, hearts, and kidneys.
  4. Construction Worker: Although the housing market has died down, construction employment is expected to rise by 19%, fueled by commercial and roadway construction. This career is a good alternative for those who would otherwise be interested in manufacturing, as that is a job sector that is expected to decline.
  5. Mobile Application Developer: Mobile Application Developers are in great demand not just as freelancers, but also as paid employees. Whether you’re building your own apps, or working on someone else’s, the growing trend toward mobile application software ensures that these developers will do well for some time.
  6. Debt Counselor: Plenty of people are digging their way out of debt and bad mortgages, but many need help getting there. Debt counselors should be well employed for a good while.
  7. Teacher: Teaching is a safe job for many students. Job opportunities are almost always available, with steady pay and an increasing need for teachers everywhere.
  8. Biologist: Biological scientist jobs are expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations. It’s not surprising, given that biotechnology is growing, and the world is always working on new ways to clean and preserve the environment.
  9. Medical Records Technician: Medical records is a growing field, as more medical records are being saved and stored electronically. Employment for this career should grow faster than the average, with good job prospects for those with an associate’s degree.
  10. Cybersecurity Specialist: Companies and individuals are placing more information online than ever, and that information needs to be secured. To protect this vital information, cybersecurity specialists are needed and will grow even more valuable in the future.
  11. Pharmacist: Pharmacists are a part of the growing health care field that will benefit from great careers in the future. Through 2018, there should be more job openings than qualified job seekers, with an average salary in the six figures.
  12. Genetic Counselor: The world is growing in its understanding and development of genetics, and soon, families may be able to take advantage of genetic technologies and options. Genetic counselors can help facilitate these choices.
  13. Artist: Starving artists exist and probably always will, but we live in a society where art is increasingly appreciated and monetized. Artists will do well in the new creative class.
  14. Doctor: A classically safe job, doctors can expect to make a good living for the rest of their careers. As the population grows and gets older, more health care, and more doctors will be needed, giving doctors a secure future.
  15. Sustainability Officer: Sustainability officers are in charge of environmental programs within a company, and several companies have already created this position. By 2005, almost all of the 150 largest companies in the world had a sustainability officer, and that number is growing.
  16. Bioinformatician: As DNA and molecular biology continue to grow, the world will need more people to manage biodata. Those entering the bioinformatics field will do well in the future.
  17. Market Researchers: Market researchers collect and analyze information about the public, allowing product manufacturers, movie studios, and other groups to make decisions about business. This career will grow much faster than the average for all careers, especially those those in the survey sector.
  18. Lawyer: Lawyers are almost always needed, and population growth, along with business growth, only serves to increase the need for legal transactions, disputes, and cases.
  19. Simulation Engineer: When you think of simulation, you probably think of arcade games, but simulation engineers do so much more than that. They create simulations that allow risks and benefits to be weighed while working in a virtual environment, good for several different types of research and development projects.
  20. Robotics Technician: Robots are everywhere, from our vacuums to assembly lines. They don’t run by themselves, though — at least not yet — and technicians are needed to build and maintain them.
  21. Gene Programmer: Like genetic counselors, gene programmers will ride the wave of developing genetics. Programmers can create customized prescriptions with gene therapy and smart molecules that can be used to treat just about everything.
  22. Nurse: Just as doctors will do well now and in the future, so will nurses. Employers often have difficulty attracting and retaining enough RNs, and employment is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations.
  23. Accountant: Accountants are needed for businesses to keep their tax and financial records accurate. Although the financial sector as a whole is not doing well, accountants and auditors will do well, even in times of recession, as businesses look to more effectively use their finances.
  24. Water Treatment Expert: Water is on its way to becoming a scarce commodity, and it’s important to not only conserve what we use, but to more effectively use what we have. Water treatment experts can offer their services now and in the future when it comes to cleaning and treating water.
  25. Physical Therapy Assistant: The 10-year growth rate for physical therapy assistants is 42%, which is extremely high. This technical job allows you to help people while earning a healthy salary — and you don’t even need a college degree, just a certification.
  26. Earth Scientist: Geologists and geophysicists will be a part of the growing movement to fight climate change, environmental damage, energy needs, and natural disasters.
  27. Stem Cell Researcher: Although controversial, stem cell research is growing. Researchers will be needed to develop the potential of stem cells in medicine and genetics.
  28. Chef: Many people don’t have time to cook, whether they’re busy heads of households or running their own business. Cooks and chefs are needed to prepare meals that will be served to these people.
  29. Geochemist: Now and in the future, geochemists provide information about chemicals found in rocks. Oil companies, environmental management companies, and government agencies have great use for geochemists.
  30. Organic Farmer: Organic farmers are standing out in an otherwise declining career, as organic produce is in higher demand than ever.

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Story by Emma Taylor

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