Monday, May 30, 2011

Novel Method to Produce Graphene Paper

An Iranian researcher from University of Technology, Sydney, presented a method for the production of a strong and light nanocomposite based on graphite called graphene paper.

Credit: INIC

The graphene paper has very specific mechanical properties and it can be used in automobile and aeroplane manufacturing industries.

Alireza Ranjbar, MSc in mechanical engineering from Kashan University, studies at University of Technology, Sydney, at present.

He and his research team milled graphite and then they produced thin graphene papers by creating a deformation in graphite after purification and filtration processes.

Graphene paper is a material which is obtained from the processing, deforming, and changing in the state of its raw material, graphite.

They produced a very tough, hard, and bendable material through a synthetic method and thermal process. Graphene is six times lighter than steel but twice harder. also, its tensile strength is 10 times higher, its density is six times lower, and its resistance against bending is 13 times bigger than those of steel.

“Nobody has ever used a similar method and thermal test in order to obtain such mechanical properties. We are ahead of other researchers in this part. Since this synthetic graphene has wonderful mechanical properties, it can be used for various engineering and commercial purposes," Ranjbar said, adding, "The synthesized material is not only tougher, lighter, harder, and more flexible than steel but it can also produce recyclable products that are biodegradable and cheaper.”

The result of this research has been published in Journal of Applied Physics as a paper entitled Advanced Mechanical Properties of Graphene Paper.

Source: Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council

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