Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue Gold Canada Uses Nanotechnology To Clean Waste Water

Blue Gold Canada, the first ever organic & nano bio-technology based water purification company, has received approval from the Ministry of Environment Standards Development Branch ("the Ministry") to conduct a pilot project with Ontario Clean Water Agency.

Organozorb converts Gulf oil spill disaster water into harmless organic/natural matter. Organozorb is 100% organic, non toxic and safe. Our green bio-nanotechnology is market ready for deployment. Organozorb is the ultimate solution for oil spill and petroleum spill disasters on land or in sea.
Credit: Blue Gold

The purpose of the pilot project will be to reproduce the exceptional results from the successful pilot project conducted by The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) in Trinidad and Tobago using Antinfek 10H as a disinfectant for wastewater treatment effluent. Blue Gold together with Ontario Clean Water will collect biochemical and microbiological performance data of all scenarios in which Antinfek 10H will be applied, e.g., bypass, primary, secondary, and tertiary effluents. A number of microbial indicator organisms will be considered, e.g. total coliforms, fecal coliforms, E. coli, Enterococcus, as well as somatic and/or F-RNA coliphages, following treatment with Antinfek 10H.

"This is a significant and measurable milestone in our progress here in Canada, we have already conducted these pilots in other countries with overwhelming results and the Ministry has approved Blue Gold to demonstrate the power of Antinfek 10H in accredited labs with Ontario Clean Water", states company co-founder Raj Kurichh.

Dean Gendron, company CEO also states, " The approval marks another step towards the successful execution of Blue Gold's strategy to commercialize these very important environmental innovations in Canada."

13/04/2011: HIDDEN USE OF WATER:
140L of fresh water to produce 1 cup of coffee
1,000L of fresh water to produce 1L of milk
1,350L of fresh water to produce 1kg of wheat
1,600L of fresh water to produce 1 T-Shirt
2,500L of fresh water to produce 0.15kg one burger
3,000L of fresh water to produce 1kg of rice
7,200L of fresh water to produce 1 pair of blue jeans
16,000L of fresh water to produce 1kg of beef
24,000L of fresh water to produce 1kg of Chocolate
                                        164,000L of fresh water to produce 1 standard car

 Credit: Blue Gold

About Blue Gold Canada

Blue Gold Holdings Ltd. is the exclusive supplier to a powerful suite of organic/natural nano-biotechnology; ANTINFEK 10H™, CWP-121™, and ORGANOZORB™. Products that can transform even the most contaminated waters into pure, safe, and drinkable water for a fraction of the cost. It is a radical disruptive discovery; the result of relentless paradise engineering of their partner, Dove Biotech. Dove Biotech, with over 45 years of experience, has spent over 20 years in research and development to perfect their organic/natural nanotechnology.

They are now able to provide green solutions to water purification, restoration and contamination problems globally. Their products do not require expensive infrastructure or specialized processes; are simple to use and without a doubt, the most powerful and safe solutions on earth. Nigel Greening, Derek Blackburn, Justin Singh and Raj Kurichh co-founded Blue Gold. To learn more about Blue Gold Canada, please visit Blue Gold has begun the process to list on the TSX:V

 Source:  Blue Gold Canada


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