Thursday, February 24, 2011

World's First Line of Biodegradable Beach Toys

Telles, a joint venture between Metabolix, Inc. (NASDAQ: MBLX) and Archer Daniels Midland Company, today announced that Zoë b Organic, a distributor of BPA-free, organic products for babies and kids, has selected and contracted Mirel™ bioplastic for the world's first line of biodegradable beach toys.

Credit: Telles

Mirel was the material of choice for Zoë b Organic's new beach pails, cups and shovels for toddlers because it is the only durable bioplastic on the market that is proven to biodegrade in a marine environment.

Made from corn sugar, Mirel bioplastics are biobased and biodegradable in natural soil and water environments, home composting systems and industrial composting facilities, where available. The rate and extent of Mirel's biodegradability will depend on the size and shape of the articles made from it. However, like nearly all bioplastics and organic matter, Mirel is not designed to biodegrade in conventional landfills.

When disposed of properly in the appropriate environment, the microbes present in natural soil or water break down the PHA structure of Mirel bioplastics, harmlessly converting the material back into CO2, water and biomass. Mirel combines the expected durability and versatility of traditional petroleum-based plastics such as PVC, PET and PP, with biodegradable properties in certain environments, providing brand owners with a unique material for use in their products.

"Consumers are increasingly seeking more products that fit with their desire for healthier lifestyles, and forward-thinking brand owners, including distributors like Zoë b Organic, are responding by turning to biobased and biodegradable materials that are made from renewable sources," said Bob Engle, Telles general manager. "Mirel's biobased solutions provide an alternative to petroleum-based resins that offers brand owners a way to meet corporate sustainability goals and further differentiate product offerings."

"As a mother of three young children, I am concerned about the number of stray plastic shovels and beach buckets that inadvertently wash up on the shore," said Valerie Lecoeur, president and founder of Zoë b Organic. "Our line of Zoë b Organic beach products made with Mirel represents a cultural shift in toy manufacturing. With Mirel's ability to biodegrade in water and other environments, Zoë b Organic is making smarter beach toys that are healthier for our kids and our planet."

Source: Metabolix, Inc.

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