Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photograph Space Craft Flyover & Win Cash: NASA Shows Where and When

NanoSail-D will next be observable with the naked eye from the continental United States, approximately Friday, Feb. 25 through Monday, Mar. 7. 

NanoSail-D Steaks Across U.S. 
Nanosail-D Streaks Through the Sky over Finland (Used by Permission)
Credit: NASA

NanoSail-D unfurled the first ever 100-square-foot solar sail in low-Earth orbit on Jan. 20 and has been seen and imaged by individuals in several countries around the world. 

Path of NanoSail-D
Credit: NASA

NASA has partnered with to encourage observations of NanoSail-D. is offering cash prizes for the best images of this historic, pioneering spacecraft in the amounts of $500 (grand prize), $300 (first prize) and $100 (second prize). World-wide observers have already been successful in capturing images of NanoSail-D as it darts across the sky with a digital camera.

To obtain NanoSail-D tracking information, visit:

To learn more about the ongoing NanoSail-D imaging contest, visit: 

So, grab your camera and take advantage of the warmer weather and the unique viewing opportunities! 

Tracking maps (more added as they become available: 

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