Sunday, February 27, 2011

Full Color Night Vision Developed by Japanese Researchers

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Nano-Systems Research Department have developed full color night vision imaging technology based on new principles.

This technology uses high-speed image processing technology and high-sensitivity infrared imaging technology and can be  applied to  real-time color video images of an object in the dark.  With this technology,  high security cameras will have increased visibility and will be expected to contribute to a safer society.

The growing awareness of crime prevention in recent years has been increasingly in demand, such as security cameras security cameras and surveillance cameras. However, infrared night vision imaging with conventional imaging techniques, display, recording, monochrome, mono-color (monochrome) or false color , and there was a problem in terms of visibility of the image. Therefore, in terms of crime reduction and improved fatigue of the clearance rate monitor watch, and the urgent need to develop a more sophisticated night-vision cameras, imaging technology has a high visibility is desired.

Figure (a) prior art night vision imaging cases (b) cases in this research and development of night vision imaging

 Credit: AIST

AIST researchers have been developing highly sensitive imaging techniques and a high-sensitivity photodetector for many years. The technology accumulated by recent developments have been applied to an infrared imaging device that can produce full color images from night vision.

Highlights of the achievement include:

  • Night vision technology for color imaging and high-speed image processing technology with high sensitivity infrared imaging technology
  • Color video images of an object can be imaged in the dark
  • Contribute to a safer society as a highly visible security cameras
Night Vision Imaging example of this research
Credit: AIST 

Color imaging technology that AIST has developed  includes an infrared night vision that contains much more information than  the traditional black and white, mono-color, is much more information compared to the amount of pseudo-color image. For example, captured by security cameras, recorded images, hats and bags of criminals, and if a particular color of clothing is expected to lead to improved crime clearance rate. Because of the increase in the visibility of color images, it should also be possible to reduce the fatigue  in watching  monitor at night.  This technique can also be used for  observing animals at night.  

Source: AIST 

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