Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mibot, World’s Smallest Mobile Micromanipulator

 Credit: Imina Technologies  

Imina Technologies designs and fabricates high precision manipulators for research and development activities in nanotechnologies and life science.

The miBot micromanipulator, their flagship product, provides never achieved intuitiveness and flexibility of use for the handling of micro- and nano-scaled objects.
 Credit: Imina Technologies

Imina systems are literally plug-n-play. Whether working with cells or carbon nanotubes, productivity will be greatly enhanced by being at least 10 times faster than with conventional micromanipulators. With Imina products one will not spend time solving hardware issues, but will be able to concentrate on what matters: the application.

Imina Technologies introduces the miBot: the world's smallest commercial micromanipulator. With four degrees of freedom, this revolutionary mobile micro-robot provides nanometer precision displacements and travelling range of several centimeters. Thanks to its intuitive and flexible nature, the miBot is revolutionizing the handling of micro and nano scaled objects which has never been achieved before. As it does not require mounting screws, the set-up time is drastically reduced compared with conventional manipulators. Simply place the miBot near your sample and you are ready to manipulate!

1 Nanomanipulation and assembly
1 SEM/TEM sample preparation
1 Electrical probing
1 MEMS testing
1 Characterization of cell mechanics

Imina Technologies
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Co-founder, COO
Ch. de la Raye 13
CH -1024 Ecublens
T +41 22 534 90 78
F +41 21 693 67 85

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