Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Corrosion Resistant Cerium Nano-Oxide Coating Synthesized in Iran

The Iranian researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University in Tehran introduced a nanocoating resistant to corrosion to the environment lovers by optimizing cerium nano-oxide coating process.

"The expensive costs to the environment justifies the use of environment-friendly nanocoatings as a replacement for highly toxic chromate", Hossein Hassannejad, one of the researchers, said in an interview with the INIC news service.

"Using cerium oxide nanocoatings could be in line with the movement of Iran towards achieving and using fuel cells for green energy production," he said, adding, "On the other hand, cerium oxide nanocoatings could be used as catalysts for the reduction of pollutants exiting vehicles in auto industry."

"It could be an alternative to bulk cerium oxide which means that it is economically reasonable", Hassannejad asserted.

The researchers applied Taguchi statistical method to optimize the effective parameters in cerium oxide coating process by sol-gel method and calculated the optimum values of these parameters like cerium ion concentration in sol, coating time, citric acid quantity, appropriate preparation operation and optimum thermal treatment temperature for coating formation.

The results imply that the formed coatings at effective amounts have the best surface quality and adhesion and also show the most resistance to corrosion.

Cerium oxide coatings could be utilized as a replacement for toxic chromate ones for increasing the resistance of metals to corrosion, as electrodes in fuel cells, and as pollutant reductive catalysts in cars and optical industries.

The details of the present study are published at Surface Engineering, volume 25, pages 393-402.

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