Monday, May 31, 2010

Analog Devices Furnishing High Performance iMEMS Gyroscope Technology for New Aircraft Flight Safety and Training

Analog Devices, Inc., a company specializing in semiconductors for signal processing applications, is furnishing its high performance iMEMS gyroscope technology for a new aircraft flight safety and training tool developed by Appareo Systems, a Fargo, North Dakota, a company that makes light weight flight data recorders and 3-D flight analysis software.

In an international push to enhance helicopter safety, the ALERTS (Aircraft Logging and Event Recording for Training and Safety) Vision 1000 flight data monitoring solutionwas designed in partnership with Eurocopter, a Division of EADS, a specialist in aerospace, defense and related services and the world's No. 1 helicopter manufacturer serving the civil and parapublic market. Among Appareo's clients are companies working in the oil and natural gas industries, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operators, and the United States military, all of whom benefit from significantly improved flight data monitoring.

"The ability to track, record and analyze the exact pitch, roll and yaw of the aircraft provides operators with an incredibly valuable tool to improve the flying performance of student pilots and experienced aviators alike," said Robert Weinmann, embedded systems director for Appareo Systems. "Analog Devices' iMEMS gyroscope was selected because it aligned perfectly with the needs of our customers for a small, light-weight gyroscope that was cost-effective and delivered exceptionally accurate performance."

"The Vision 1000 is already being heralded by the avionics industry as one of the best training tools to come to this market," said Mark Martin, vice president, MEMS and Sensor Technology  Group, Analog Devices. "ADI's ability to provide Appareo with a single-chip, high-performance gyroscope that meets rigorous aviation industry performance and quality standards is another example of how the need for high-performance MEMS motion sensors is spurring a revolution and the next wave of MEMS sensor adoption in many technologically advanced markets."

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