Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nano-Sized Aluminum Metal Hydrate Improves Positive Electrode for Rechargeable Lithium Battery

L & F Co., Ltd. (Hosan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, KR) earned U.S. Patent 7,687,203  for nano-scale positive electrode material based on aluminum for a rechargeable lithium battery.

Inventors Jaephil Cho, Youn-Han Chang, Jin-Young Kim, Yoo-Jung Kim, Hyun-Jung Kim and Hae-Suk Hwang developed  methods of preparing a positive active material for a rechargeable lithium battery which includes reacting an aluminum salt and a metal salt to obtain a nano-sized aluminum metal hydrate, mixing the nano-sized aluminum metal hydrate and a compound being capable of intercalating and deintercalating lithium, and drying the resulting mixture and then heat treating,

The composite metal oxide increases impregnation of an electrolyte, improves lithium mobility, and decreases internal resistance of a rechargeable lithium battery, and thereby improves discharge capacity and cycle-life characteristics.

The image is a transmission electron microscope (TEM) photograph of the nano-sized aluminum metal hydrate positive active material.  

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