Thursday, February 25, 2010

Technology Pioneers 2010: Embracing Disruption

Technology Pioneers 2010 BrochureThis year, the World Economic Forum has selected 26 companies active in energy, environmental technologies, health, information technologies and new media. Not only are they developing groundbreaking products and services that can help achieve the promises of sustainable energy, the reduction of the various digital divides, and the treatment and improved monitoring of various health conditions, but they are also redesigning business and society with their disruptive innovations.

Technology Pioneers 2010 Brochure (PDF)
This year, the Forum observed a remarkable rise in the number and quality of candidate companies, especially in the case of cleantech-related ventures, suggesting that concern surrounding the environment and climate change coupled with the “green stimulus package” are driving resources and top innovation to this area. Geographically, there was an increase in the number of candidate companies from emerging markets and, for a second year in a row, companies from four continents were recognized.

Biotechnology and HealthEnergy and Environmental TechnologiesInformation Technologies and New Media
Aura Biosciences BioFuelBox amiando 
Corventis Bloom Energy Amobee Inc. 
MicroCHIPS Boston-Power CollabNet 
Pacific Biosciences Care Electric EnergiaDilithium Networks 
Proteon Therapeutics EpuramatInnovid
 Lehigh TechnologiesPlayfish
 Serious MaterialsStreamBase 
Who are the Technology Pioneers?
The Technology Pioneers Community is composed of companies from around the world that develop and apply the most innovative and transformational technologies. The work undertaken by these companies holds the promise of significantly disrupting the way business and society operate. In addition, companies selected as Technology Pioneers must demonstrate visionary leadership, show the signs of being a long-standing market leader – and its technology must be proven.

Since 2000, more than 450 innovative companies from five continents have been selected as Technology Pioneers. Among them, 80% are still independent and 10% have been acquired by industry leaders.
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How are Technology Pioneers selected?Technology Pioneers are selected on a yearly basis through a rigorous process. ASelection Committee composed of technology experts, top academicians, venture capital firms, technology incubators, entrepreneurs, innovators and Forum Members and Partners evaluate candidates against the Programme’s criteria.
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What are the benefits of being a Technology Pioneer?
Recognition as a Technology Pioneer allows selected companies to be integrated in the World Economic Forum’s network of Members and constituents. Technology Pioneers are invited to the Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Annual Meeting of the New Champions and regional activities.

In addition, recipients of the Technology Pioneers distinction get worldwide media coverage. Time, BusinessWeek and Forbes have regularly covered the recipients of the award.
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