Friday, February 26, 2010

Mahru-Z Does the Laundry: KIST Developing Humanoid Robots to Perform Household Chores

Mahru-Z (right) is working with another robot to perform a tedious house chore. The robots were developed at KIST in Korea and made their debut in January 2010. 

Image credit: KIST

The KIST cognitive robot center team (with head Dr. Bumjae You) invented the humanoid Mahru-Z, which operates home appliances and is controlled by a remote control system in real time. The scientist says that the robot  is a human-like machine with arms, legs, a rotating head, and it has the capability to "see" objects in three dimensions and recognize chores that need to be done. This machine is just taller than 4 feet and weighs about 120 pounds. Mahru-Z is the result of KIST's research on "cognitive humanoid" robots, a key project that cost about 4 billion won (about $3.5 million) per year. 

Mahru-Z robot
Image credit: KIST

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