Thursday, February 25, 2010

68.7 Percent of U.S. Household Connected to Internet-63.5% Have Broadband Connections While 4.7% Use Dial-Up

Internet Use in the United States: 2009 — Tables with national- and state-level data showing who is accessing the Internet, cross-tabulated by age, sex, race, Hispanic-origin, educational attainment and employment status. State data show Internet usage at home versus use at other locations. Also included is whether people are using broadband or dial-up for Internet access. Commissioned by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the data come from the Current Population Survey. Internet address: <>.

The table below shows Internet use  by age and race in the U.S. in 2009. Of 119,298,000 households, 68.7% of are connected to the Internet. 63.5% have broadband connections while 4.7% still use dial-up. (click to enlarge)

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