Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Navy Issues Request for Proposal for Hydrogen Storage and Power Systems

The U.S. Navy issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for on-board  hydrogen storage and power systems for tractor utility vehicles known as “yard dogs.” The RFP is for basic and applied research and development to identify on-board hydrogen storage materials, processes, and power system designs for these vehicles. Responses are due Feb. 12, 2010.

This solicitation is for basic/applied R&D to identify on board hydrogen storage materials, processes and power system designs to significantly improve and extend the operating performance currently exhibited by state of the art yard tractor utility vehicles. There will be two phases to the project. Phase I will consist of conducting an engineering design analysis to identify and compare potential hydrogen storage technologies, such as metal hydrides, adsorbents, chemical hydrides (non-reversible liquids, solids) and physical storage (high pressure, cryo-compressed systems) for use on a Yard Dog utility vehicle.

Phase II will consist of constructing and integrating the proposed hydrogen storage/power system into the proposed Yard Dog utility vehicle for a one year operational demonstration at DDWG Robin Air Force Base. Multiple awards are anticipated for phase I. Phase II will be an option that may or may not be exercised based on the evaluation criteria contained in section M of the RFP. Contractors must be registered with the Central Contractor Registration database and have a Defense Contract Audit Agency approved accounting system. For more information, see the full solicitation.  

In another fuel cell related event, the Naval AirWarfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake, CA intends to procure on a total small business set-aside one (1) regenerative fuel cell capable of generating hydrogen at 2000 psi without the use of a mechanicalcompressor. This procurement will be procured utilizing a lowest price technically acceptable source selection process in accordance with FAR Part 15. A Statement of Work will be included in the Request for Proposal (RFP). Solicitation N68936-10-R-0033 will be posted on the Federal Business Opportunities and NECO on or about 11-February-10.


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