Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shiraz University Researchers Design Nano-Structured Gates for Quantum Computers

Model Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)
Researchers at  Iran’s Shiraz University have designed a kind of nano-structured gates which can be applied in quantum computers.

Quantum calculations serve as a tool for solving some sets of equations which are not solvable by ordinary calculations. Among several currently available designs for gates of quantum computers, solid state system made up of heterogeneous substructures are of great significance.

Roza Safaiee is the Iranian researcher who has investigated dynamics of spin-subbands states for an electron in a 2D isotropic Rashba quantum dot under the influence of a magnetic field of arbitrary magnitude.

“We intend to study potentials for devising information analysis systems. To fulfill this goal, we researched into dynamics of spin-subbands states for an electron in the presence of a uniform magnetic field” Safaiee informed the News Service of INIC (Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council).

In this research, first the Hamiltonian of the system together with the Rashba effect was introduced. Then, with the aid of it, time evolution operator matrix was calculated. Finally, spin-subband and subband population were calculated as a function of time.

“The results revealed that the spin states and the structural subbands undergo periodic collapse-revivals. In addition, it was shown that the period and amplitude of collapse-revivals' strongly depend upon the external magnetic field and the Rashba coupling.” Safaiee added.

“Similar researches are greatly helpful in accelerating the process of creation of information analysis devices like quantum computers,” Safaiee underscored.

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