Monday, December 28, 2009

A First for the Food Service Industry: "Climate Kitchen" to Provide on Location Hydrogen to Cook Meals for the Film Industry

Jetstream Wind, Inc. (Santa Fe, NM) , a developer of breakthrough energy technology and milestone producer in the renewable energy industry, combines efforts and creates Remote Renewable Resources, LLC as a way to develop and generate clean, reliable and cost-effective power to remote and off-grid locations worldwide.

Remote Renewable Resources, a sister corporation to Jetstream Wind, Inc. was formed in October of 2009, by Henry Herman, CEO of Jetstream Wind, Inc., Jeane Champion of She’s Crafty Craft Services and Michael Bowen, Sr. Loan Officer of Superior Mortgage as a dynamic alliance to further integrate clean renewable energy into our society.

The initial project of this alliance, appropriately named "Climate Kitchen", will combine renewable hydrogen production as a stand-alone power source, and a 35’ Freightliner truck to produce a historic step for the renewable energy and motion picture industry while revolutionizing the way people look at hydrogen as a power producer.

Climate Kitchen was chosen as the initial project to showcase a self-contained vehicle with the full capacity to produce and provide fresh, delicious food on location as if the Climate Kitchen were plugged into the grid. Yet it uses state-of-the-art, constant and cost-effective hydrogen power production methods which do not require grid access.

As film production in New Mexico is on the increase, the numbers of films shot on location are also rising along with the power requirements supplied by fossil fuel burning generators.

According to Ann Lerner, Film Liaison for the City of Albuquerque, "A tremendous amount of industry infrastructure is now located in Albuquerque, and according to Variety Magazine, New Mexico is now ranked third in North America for T.V. and film production.

This technology is an important step for not only the New Mexico film industry, but for our global future."From within a small area inside the catering truck, hydrogen will be safely produced, compressed, stored and burned in an internal hydrogen turbine to deliver stable and 100% CO²-free electric power. While the water molecule is separated to create hydrogen for electrical power, oxygen will also be safely produced and stored providing this truck with potential and popular oxygen bar therapy. This will make the "Climate Kitchen" on wheels the first clean, highly economical craft service truck and stand-along power source in the New Mexico film industry.

Plans are also already underway for the development and use of this revolutionary technology in global humanitarian crises situations where devastation or population displacement has occurred, as this technology can provide secure and remote clean electricity, food and water to those in need.

The Climate Kitchen is currently in development at the Jetstream Wind, Inc. headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is scheduled for completion in March of 2010 where an invitational unveiling will take place.

Based in Santa Fe, NM Jetstream Wind Inc. is an emerging leader in the renewable energy industry, specializing in the integration and development of proprietary renewable technologies that maximize economic and environmental potentials. To learn more please visit their website at

Henry Herman, CEO Jetstream Wind, Inc.
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