Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cadmium Oxide Nanofibers Show Better Performance in Photovoltaic Cells

The researchers of Materials and Energy Research Center, Iran, managed to produce nanofibers from cadmium oxide which look promising for application in gas sensors and photovoltaic cells, according to the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC)

"Given the wide applications of cadmium oxide in gas sensors, photovoltaic cells, and transparent electrodes as well as higher specific surface area of nanostructures resulting from electrospinning process than other nanostructures, we decided to synthesize electrospun nanofibers of cadmium oxide and analyze their properties,” explained Ali Mohammad Bazargan, the project researcher.

"In this study, first a solution of precursors was prepared and left in a strong electric field leading to the synthesis of composite fibers comprising organic and mineral components. Then, these fibers underwent low temperature thermal treatment for organic portion to be decomposed and pure mineral nanofibers to remain," Bazargan added.

Afterwards, the researchers closely examined the structural and morphologic, physical and photonic properties of synthesized cadmium.

“The results showed that the unique properties of these nanofibers such as low diameter with even distribution, very long length, and interwoven nanofibrous structure together with high specific area could be promising for production of an efficient substance to be used in gas sensors and photovoltaic cells. These nanofibers could also find wide applications in semiconductor industry especially in optoelectronic devices and electromechanical nanosystems”, Bazargan said.

More details are available at Chemical Engineering Journal, volume 155, pages 523 to 527, 2009.


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