Thursday, November 26, 2009

EuroNanoMed Selects First Nanomedicine Projects

The EuroNanoMed ERA-net has decided to support innovative research and development projects, corresponding to a total budget cost of $27 million. Eight transnational projects will be supported in the EuroNanoMed first call for proposals, corresponding to a success rate of 44%. The call was launched to promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research consortia. EuroNanoMed was created to bridge the gap between academic research and industries as well as clinical applications.

This is expected to shorten the time from research results to the clinical and/or industrial application for the benefit of the patient. In May 2009, a first joint call for proposals opened to all key players in each of the 18 partner regions/countries. The call focused on the three main subfields of Nanomedicine: diagnostics, targeted delivery and regenerative medicine. The applications were evaluated by external reviewers and a final ranking list was established by a peer review panel. The global assessment i.e. scientific, technical, translational and/or commercial potential decided the allocation of funds by the EuroNanoMed consortium.

The chair of the international peer review panel, Professor Frank Barry, points to the high quality of the selected projects, their international competitiveness and their innovative potential. "The projects address very significant medical needs with high quality science and technology and will develop an industrial vision for new an d effective patient applications,” says Professor Barry. On October 16th 2009 , the following projects were selected (listed according to the ranking by the Peer Review Panel) (Click to enlarge):

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