Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cyprus Amax Minerals Reveals Simpler Process for Manufacturing Nano Molybdenum Oxide

Cyprus Amax Minerals Company (Phoenix, AZ) researchers reveal a simpler method for producing nano-particles of metal oxide, particularly molybdenum oxide, in U.S. Patent 7,622,098.   The method for producing nano-particles includes vaporizing a precursor material to produce a vapor, directing the vapor into an isolation chamber, combining a quench fluid in a gaseous state with a quench fluid in a liquid state to form a quench fluid stream, contacting the vapor contained in the isolation chamber with the quench fluid stream thereby cooling the vapor to produce the nano-particles in a carrier stream, and removing the nano-particles from the isolation chamber.   The apparatus and process is simpler than existing manufacturing methods and  may be used to produce large quantities of MoO3 nano-particle material without being overly sensitive to certain process control parameters. Consequently, the manufacturing apparatus represents an important development in nano-particle technology in general and to molybdenum nano-particle technology in particular, according to Cyprus Amax inventors Joel A. Taube, Mohamed H. Khan and James A. Cole.

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